Introducing: Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership

Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership fosters partnerships, cultivates projects, and advocates for the conservation of the Great Lakes basin.


Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership

Who Are They?

The Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership (LNRP) fosters partnerships, cultivates projects, promotes discussions, and advocates for the conservation and protection of the Great Lakes basin. LNRP helps develop new programs and supports existing community-based efforts by providing program and project funding, administrative services, and bridge-building between partners.

Their focus area is the communities of northeast and east central Wisconsin within Lake Michigan’s watershed from Green Bay to Washington Island and down to Sheboygan. Overall, their purpose is to cultivate community and stewardship from the Niagara Escarpment to the lakeshore to leave the lakeshore in better conditions for future generations.

How Does LNRP Support Coastal Resilience?

LNRP advocates for building resilient coastal communities to their local governments,  watershed partners, and regional network and supports coastal resilience projects in the northeast and east central Wisconsin.

Specifically, LNRP is currently working with Water 365 on a Coastal Resilience Community Impact Project to assist municipal and county staff in coastal communities in developing adaptation and resilience strategies to respond to flooding, erosion, and related climate change-driven hazards. This project supports communities with project planning, design, funding, and implementing coastal resilience strategies. The four project communities include Port Washington, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Two Rivers, Kewaunee, and Algoma. The project began with a series of webinars that can be found here.

The Coastal Resilience Community Impact Project is related to many other coastal resiliency-related projects LNRP was involved in, including:

  • Core Coastal Resiliency Messaging: Great Lakes LIteracy and Resilience Planning to Mitigate the Impacts of the Climate Crisis
  • Coastal Community Impact Project: Consulationas Turned into Action 
  • Emerald Ash Borer Mitigation: Building COmmunity Capacity to Mitigate the Impact of the Emerald Ash Borer
  • Lakeshore TMDL: Engaging the Community to Improve Water Quality by Reducing Phosphorus and Sediment Loads
  • Coastal Ecosystem Resiliency Project: Projects that Integrate Habitat Enhancements and Water Quality Improvements
  • Stewardship Investment Fund: Conservation, Collaboration, Community 

LNRP also collaborated with Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust and the Lake Michigan Stakeholders to create the Lake Michigan Coastal Resource Hub. The Hub has materials designed to be used by organizations interested in conducting stormwater education and outreach. 

Connect with LNRP

LNRP actively supports coastal communities, addressing coastal hazards and becoming more resilient. Visit their website to learn more about their coastal resiliency work or other Great Lakes issues and topics not covered here, volunteering opportunities, and upcoming events. You can also stay informed about the work LNRP is doing by signing up for their emails.