Great Lakes Emergency Erosion Control Self Certification

Streamlined temporary erosion control placement authorization process.


Great Lakes Emergency Erosion Control Self Certification



The Great Lakes Emergency Erosion Control Self Certification is a streamlined temporary erosion control placement authorization process intended for emergency situations on Great Lakes shorelines. This process was established by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to allow homeowners to protect their properties from imminent risk without permitting delays. A brief questionnaire helps a potential applicant determine if a permit is necessary for the actions they are planning to take. The the applicant can follow the steps provided in the permit application checklist to apply for an Individual Permit for Great Lakes Erosion Control, if needed.

By completing the Self Certification form, the department will continue to allow the placement of temporary emergency material to protect a property while a permit is being applied for. The information provided by the Wisconsin DNR about the Self Certification outlines requirements for allowable temporary erosion materials. All information can be accessed via the Wisconsin DNR’s website and applications can be submitted using their ePermitting System. Any questions can be directed to the applicant’s county water management specialist listed here:




The Wisconsin DNR’s self-certification form is intended for landowners and contractors. It was designed to inform the Wisconsin DNR of the strategy that a landowner or contractor plans to use to protect a property so that they can move forward with this critical work as soon as the form is submitted. After the coastal property has been stabilized, the Wisconsin DNR will work with applicants on their long-term permitting needs.


Decision Support

The Wisconsin DNR has stated that they “understand landowner and municipality concerns about structures that may be at risk from bluff and dune erosion on the Great Lakes and recognizes the large investments residents have in their homes.” However, shore protection projects are a substantial investment and have the potential to impact adjacent, or neighboring properties as well as the nearshore environment. The information provided by the Wisconsin DNR for this Self Certification is meant to help landowners make informed investments and management plans for their coastal property and for the Great Lakes environment.


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