Relocating Buildings Threatened by Great Lakes Erosion and Bluff Failure

April 13, 2020 By Lydia Salus, Coastal Resilience Project Assistant & Adam Bechle, Coastal Engineering Outreach Specialist Erosion of Great Lakes shorelines and coastal bluff failure can put people and buildings at risk. Relocating a building threatened by erosion and bluff failure is one option a homeowner has to protect their home. Relocating a building…
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Where do I Start?: Resources for Great Lakes Coastal Property Owners

By Lydia Salus & Adam Bechle, Coastal Resilience Project Team, Wisconsin Sea Grant   Where do I start? Coastal hazards like erosion and flooding along Wisconsin’s Great Lakes coasts can be a threat to properties, particularly when water levels are high. Below is a list of available tools and resources to help individuals understand coastal…
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Public Engagement & the Wisconsin Shoreline of Lake Michigan

July 16, 2019 By Bert Stitt, Emissary, Bert Stitt & Associates           Engaging the public on the issues facing Lake Michigan’s coastal bluffs can be as important as understanding why and how coastal processes such as erosion and flooding impact Lake Michigan’s shorelines. Public engagement increases a community’s capacity to address…
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