Introducing: Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Wisconsin Wetlands Association is dedicated to the protection, restoration, and enjoyment of wetlands and associated ecosystems.


Wisconsin Wetlands Association


Who Are They?

The Wisconsin Wetlands Association (WWA) is a non-partisan, science-based professional organization that is a leader in Wisconsin wetlands work. WWA is dedicated to the protection, restoration, and enjoyment of wetlands and associated ecosystems through programming, education, and advocacy. In addition, the organization prioritizes providing tools and expertise to help others protect, manage, and restore wetlands.

How Does Wisconsin Wetlands Association Support Coastal Resilience?

WWA work applies to all of the coastal wetlands along Superior and Michigan. This work and resources help support more resilient coastal habitats and communities.

Share Wetland Knowledge 

WWA’s programs and outreach activities provide the knowledge needed for those working on wetland projects and have the potential to influence wetlands. They also develop educational materials to advance the protection, restoration, and management of wetlands.  

Engage in Place-Based Projects

WWA collaborates on projects to ensure innovative approaches for wetland solutions are incorporated at watershed and regional scales. They develop, test, evaluate, promote, and export watershed-based approaches to solving water-related problems.

Build Wetland Partnerships

WWA develops partnerships by identifying and engaging with critical partners and stakeholders to advance wetland work and provide tools and materials to help partners communicate benefits. These partnerships bring together state agencies, private landowners, scientists and engineering professionals to find solutions for land management and wetland preservation and restoration.

Resources for Wetland Landowners

The WWA website has resources for permanent protection options or funding for restoration projects. There is a collection of resources from programs, publications, or groups across Wisconsin.

Tools for Communities

The WWA website has tools for communities. These tools include Guides for wetland types and indicators, planning and policy development, and county wetland fact sheets to display the current wetland landscape.

Connect with Wisconsin Wetlands Association

WWA actively supports coastal communities in addressing wetlands preservation, restoration, and management to become more resilient. Visit their website to learn more about their resources and additional topics not covered here. The Wisconsin Wetlands Association events calendar includes WWA virtual Coffee Breaks open to the public and the annual Science Conference where wetland scientists, practitioners, engineers, and landowners gather and share information and the challenges they face in preserving and managing Wisconsin’s wetlands. 

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